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iRacing Setup Solutions

Guiding you every step of the way. Maximizing your sim racing experience.

"Watching someone's joy as they find a tool to make the sim easier to use easier is truly special." - Jose @RacingSimSupport

Too many want to get into iRacing but simply don't have the time to wrap their head around everything it takes to do a proper iRacing Setup. Simple hourly billing will apply, that way you're in control. We can help you with either the full set up, or certain parts if you get stuck. We're here for you.

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The first step in the iRacing Setup is to download the software. We ensure that your download is optimized to your computer specs.


Whether a single screen, triple-screens or VR, the graphics portion of the initial iRacing setup can be a bit overwhelming. We'll get that setup and show you common troubleshooting steps to get it reset should you ever need to.


Surround? Headphones? Using TV sound? Whichever you are using, when it comes to the iRacing Setup, audio is a key component in the entire experience.

Control Configuration

With so many variables in hardware, get yours set up correctly and. Nothing worse than getting iRacing setup and not being able to drive!

Vehicle and Track Setup

Navigating the software can be daunting for some, especially after fairly constant changes. As part of the iRacing setup, we provide a full tour of the software so that you can best understand where things are. We won't overwhelm you with every little detail, we keep your goals in mind and provide you with the information you need.

Force Feedback Tuning

Both the steering software and the iRacing setup section for Force Feedback should not be skipped. Not only do we provide tuning, but also in depth explanations as to what settings are doing what and we provide you with guidance on how to tune the feedback yourself so that you are able to extract the most out of your system.

Driver Development Tools

Getting iRacing setup is great in so many different ways. But if you really want to get the most out of it, we are here to guide you and show you the driver development tools that are available now.

Community and Multiplayer

iRacing is built on community and racing online with others from all over the world. From dashboards, to iRacing setups, to leagues and teams, we'll guide you to make sure you see what is available. The community has produced so many assets for sim racing that continue to raise the level of overall immersion.

Safety and Etiquette

Just like driving on a real track, your iRacing setup should be treated like the real thing. Unfortunately, many people still think it's a game, and many people online will not take the racing seriously. Do your part to lead by example so that we can all have a positive experience.

Ease of Use

Getting iRacing setup initially is quite a large project especially when you want all the bells and whistles. Our ease of use upgrades both on software and hardware make using the simulator just that much more enjoyable.

Personalized Racing Simulator Support

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