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Maximize your sim racing experience. Top brands in the industry with the most personlized support. Receive expert guidance and support to enhance your sim racing setup from industry-leading brands.

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Our focus is on elevating support in the racing simulator industry. Through building and nurturing relationships, we aim to enhance your overall experience by offering thorough explanations and guidance.

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(Coming Soon) Moza, Simagic, and Extreme Sim Racing available to try-out or purchase in Fort Lauderdale. Looking to get some real seat time, talk to Velocity Warehouse about race car rentals while you're here.

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Sim Racing Event Rentals

With the uprise in the love for motorsport, we've got you covered for your next event, no matter the size. Our Racing Simulator Rental fleet is optimized for efficency and it's a unique way for guests to engage with your brand.


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Sim Racing How-To's, Tutorials, Reviews and Personal Experiences

The Rise of Racing Simulators in Event Entertainment: Drawing Crowds Like Never Before
The Rise of Racing Simulators in Event Entertainment: Drawing Crowds Like Never Before

Discover how racing simulators have become a popular attraction at events, captivating audiences with their immersive experiences. Learn how they...

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a triple screen racing simulator
Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Racing Simulator

Maintaining the optimal performance of your racing simulator involves more than just occasional check-ups; it demands attention to the very...

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a racing steering wheel on a simulator
iRacing Essential Controls

Dive into iRacing 2024 with a comprehensive guide to the essential controls every racer needs to know. From the "Launch...

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