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Is the H1SQ The Best Sequential/H-Pattern Shifter?

Written by: Jose Cabrera



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A shifter for a racing simulator.
A shifter for a racing simulator.
A shifter for a racing simulator.
A shifter for a racing simulator.


Sim racing has become a major passion for motorsport enthusiasts and gamers alike, offering a thrilling experience that closely mimics real-world racing. Central to this experience is the equipment used, and nothing elevates the realism quite like a high-quality shifter. Enter the BDHRace H1SQ , a shifter inspired by the Ford Escort MKII Rally cars, designed to deliver an unparalleled racing experience.

Why Choose the BDHRace H1SQ?

When it comes to sim racing, the equipment you use can make a world of difference. The BDHRace H1SQ stands out for its robust build, precise engineering, and the ability to customize the feel to match your personal preferences. Built to withstand the rigors of intense racing, this shifter is a game-changer for serious racers.

Key Features of the BDHRace H1SQ

The BDHRace H1SQ is packed with features that cater to the needs of both amateur and professional sim racers. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this shifter so special:

  • Dual Mode Shifter : The H1SQ combines the H1 “Bazooka” and the BDH SQ Sequential Shifter.
  • BDH Electronics : Equipped with high-quality BDH electronics for precise shifting.
  • Mechanical Motorsport Feedback : Offers realistic feedback for an immersive experience.
  • Professional Grade Form Factor : Built with professional racing standards in mind.
  • Hand Built in York, England : Ensures high craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • No Compromise : Built to deliver top performance without any compromises.

Detailed Product Specifications


The BDHRace H1SQ uses premium materials to ensure durability and performance:

  • HE260 Aerospace Specification Machined Aluminium
  • High Tensile Steel
  • WRC Nylon Quaife Style Gear Knob
  • Motorsport Linear Bearings
  • EN8 High Carbon Steel Shear parts, to 40 Tonnes strength
  • High Tensile Internal Steel Fasteners
  • Bronze Bushing
  • Graphite Self Lubricating Bronze Oil light Guides
  • High Quality Die Square Section Springs

Precision Made Internals

The internal components of the BDHRace H1SQ are engineered to provide smooth and reliable performance:

  • Centralising CAM Mechanism
  • True, Motorsport Grade, PTFE lined, Spherical Bearing
  • Radiused 303 Wear resistant Stainless Steel Gate Pegs
  • Precision Made Centralising Anchor Point
  • Engineered Gear Gate Selector
  • Equal wear free spinning ball detent


  • Aluminium Front Plate
  • Launch Edition Branded front plate (first 220 Units Only)
  • High Tensile steel Fork
  • Enforced Ground Crank Pin


  • BDH Electro contactless hall sensor boards
  • BDH Processor and software
  • Independent Dual Mode functions


  • Adjustable pressure high strength detent Gauge with double locking pre-set function
  • Rotary Dual Mode Collar, engaging H Pattern or Sequential Modes
  • 360 Degree USBC mounting

H Pattern Mode

The H Pattern Mode offers precise control and configuration options:

  • Independent H1 Mechanism
  • 8 Gear Gates
  • Configurable 6 Gears, 7th gear, and Reverse positioning
  • Adjustable tactile feel technology

Sequential Mode

The Sequential Mode is designed for quick and precise gear changes:

  • Independent SQ Mechanism
  • Sequential Mode lateral Lock
  • Positive Forth and Aft Movement
  • Crisp Up down gear return
  • Adjustable tactile feel technology

Mounting Options

Mounting flexibility is crucial for a shifter to fit seamlessly into various setups:

  • Independent Shifter Body
  • 360 Degree Multidirectional Mounting
  • Standard BDH Clamp and base plate mounting
  • M8*1.25 Pitch & T nuts
  • Sandwich Adapter Plate available as an optional extra
  • Supplied M10x 1.5 threaded Rally knob can be switched to a knob of your choosing
  • Supports third party knobs

The Evolution of the BDHRace H1SQ

Originally based on the Ford Escort MKII Rally cars gear shifting mechanism, the BDHRace H1SQ has undergone significant evolution. Thanks to BDH's "Tensioning Technology," users can now adjust the shifter to their personal preferences, ensuring a customized and realistic racing experience.

Extensive Testing and Market Feedback

The development of the BDHRace H1SQ involved hundreds of hours of live testing and 12 significant redesigns over two years. Market feedback played a crucial role in shaping the final product, ensuring that it meets the high standards expected by sim racers.

Limited Edition Launch

To commemorate the launch of the H1SQ, BDH is releasing the first 220 production units with an engraved "Launch Edition H1SQ" End Cap. These units are limited and available through resellers.


What makes the BDHRace H1SQ shifter unique?

The BDHRace H1SQ shifter stands out due to its dual-mode functionality, professional-grade build, and the ability to customize the tactile feel to match your preferences. It’s designed for both H Pattern and Sequential shifting, making it versatile and adaptable.

How durable is the BDHRace H1SQ?

The H1SQ is built with high-quality materials such as aerospace-grade aluminium and high tensile steel. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of intense racing and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability and performance.

Can I use the BDHRace H1SQ with third-party knobs?

Yes, the BDHRace H1SQ supports third-party knobs, allowing you to customize your shifter further. It comes with an M10x1.5 threaded Rally knob, which can be switched out for a knob of your choosing.

What are the mounting options for the BDHRace H1SQ?

The BDHRace H1SQ offers 360-degree multidirectional mounting, standard BDH clamp and base plate mounting, and support for third-party mounting solutions. This flexibility ensures that the shifter can be integrated into various setups.

Is the BDHRace H1SQ available in limited edition?

Yes, the first 220 production units of the BDHRace H1SQ will feature an engraved "Launch Edition H1SQ" End Cap. These limited edition units are available through BDH's resellers.

Where is the BDHRace H1SQ manufactured?

The BDHRace H1SQ is hand-built in York, England, ensuring high craftsmanship and attention to detail in every unit.


The BDHRace H1SQ is a must-have for sim racers looking for a high-quality, customizable shifter that delivers a realistic racing experience. With its robust build, precise engineering, and versatile mounting options, it’s designed to meet the demands of both amateur and professional racers. Whether you’re upgrading your current setup or starting a new build, the H1SQ is an investment that will elevate your sim racing experience to new heights.

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