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Comprehensive Guide to the Rexing Mayaris V2 Wheel Setup for 2024

Written by: Jose Cabrera



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Introduction to Rexing and Its Impact on My Sim Racing Setup

Rexing, a dynamic Croatia-based company, has carved its niche in the sim racing industry with its expertise in Carbon Fiber technology. My journey with Rexing's premium wheels began when I entered this virtual racing world, allowing me a front-row seat to its evolutionary strides in design and functionality. This article explores how the Rexing Mayaris V2 wheel setup enhances my 2024 sim racing experience, detailing every component's role in creating an immersive and efficient driving environment.

Understanding the Front Panel of the Rexing Mayaris V2 Wheel

The Left Side Controls: Mastery Over Traction and Communication

Traction Control Rotary : Positioned on the left, this rotary allows quick adjustments to traction settings, crucial for adapting to different cars' dynamics.

Communication Buttons :

  • Talk/Push to Talk : Essential for team strategies without overwhelming the driver during races.

  • Flash Button : A strategic tool for signaling in multi-class racing scenarios.

  • OK Button : Manages car functions like control toggles and fuel levels, minimizing distractions during critical racing moments.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Left Hand Side Buttons

Additional Controls for Enhanced Race Management

Mode Rotary and B BOX Rotary :

  • Mode Rotary : Switches between MGU-K hybrid modes, offering strategic power management in GTP and LMP1 races.

  • B BOX Rotary : Facilitates seamless navigation through iRacing’s black boxes, ensuring vital data is at the fingertips.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Left Hand Rotaries

The Right Side Controls: Precision and Accessibility

Essential Functions for Safety and Strategy

ABS Rotary : Allows fine-tuning of ABS settings, adapting braking to varied track conditions.

Direct Access Buttons :

  • N Button : Ensures quick car exit or re-entry, critical in crash scenarios.

  • PIT Button : Manages pit limiter activation, avoiding penalties and enhancing pit stop efficiency.

  • PC Button : Quick access to pit-stop settings, streamlining pit strategies.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Top Right Button Cluster

Differential and Strategy Controls for Advanced Handling

Differential and Strategy Rotaries :

  • DIFF Rotary : Adjusts differential settings in F1 cars, optimizing cornering and traction.

  • STRAT Rotary : Controls auxiliary displays and energy recovery settings, enhancing visual access and energy management.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Right Hand Side Rotaries

The Central Trio: Throttle, Active Reset, and Dashboard Management

Multi-Functional Rotaries for Dynamic Racing

Central Rotaries Overview :

  • Left Rotary : Adjusts throttle shapes, aiding in throttle control across different vehicles.

  • Middle Rotary : Manages auxiliary DDU pages, providing quick access to critical race data.

  • Right Rotary : Activates specific black boxes, streamlining data access during races.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Center Rotaries

Most Commonly Used: Brake Bias and Dash Pages

Tactical Push Buttons for Total Confidence

Central Rotaries Overview :

  • +/- : Adjusts brake bias value up or down, one click at a time.

  • Next/Prev : Cycles through the pages on the main dashboard.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Bottom Center Push Buttons

Dual Funky-Switches: 7 Way Switches

Total Control, Complete Precision

Central Rotaries Overview :

  • Right Switch : Used to navigate black boxes.

  • Left : Used for all of the camera controls.

Rexing Mayaris V2 7 Way Funky Switches

Innovations at the Rear: Dual-Clutch and Shift Paddles

Advanced Paddle Configuration for Optimal Control

Dual-Clutch and Shift Mechanisms :

  • Dual-Clutch Paddles : Offer precise control over clutch engagement, crucial for starts and precision maneuvers.

  • Up-Shift and Down-Shift Paddles : Facilitate smooth gear transitions, enhancing speed and response.

Specialized Push-Pull Paddles for Immediate Actions

Functional Flexibility :

  • Right-Side Push-Pull Paddle : Displays gap information or weather updates, providing tactical advantages.

  • Left-Side Push-Pull Paddle : Manages visor clarity and dashboard navigation, ensuring optimal visibility and information access.

Rexing Mayaris V2 Dual Clutch Paddles and Shifters

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Setting up the Rexing Mayaris V2 wheel for 2024 involves a meticulous configuration of its comprehensive controls to match the dynamic requirements of sim racing. Each component, from the front panel rotaries to the innovative rear paddles, plays a pivotal role in providing a seamless and responsive racing experience. This guide not only walks you through the setup but ensures you can leverage the wheel’s full potential to elevate your performance on the virtual track.

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